What is software testing

What is software testing? Before starting the software testing let’s have a look about why software testing comes in picture. When you enter into the software world or If you are a software professional. You must hire the terms Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC).

Software testing is an important part of SDLC. Which comes after development and before deployment. Once development of any software is finished we need to verify the result with the requirements to deliver a bug-free product or quality content that term is called software testing.

What is software testing (Definition)

“A process to Verify the actual result with expected result its called software testing”

Testing help to find bugs and error in the application. In terms of software testing can be performed manually or by automation.

What is software testing

Common terms used in software testing

Testing: Something is there is it properly working or not based on our requirements. Verification and validation of an application are called testing.

Verification: A software or a product which exists or not as per the requirements is called verification.

Validation: After verification, the software is working or not as per the requirement is called validation.

Defects: Deviation between expectation result and actual result in AUT (Application under testing).

BUG: Defects which are accepted by the development team is called bug.

Failure: When the defects are reaches to the end user at the time of live environment is called the failure of the application.

Error: Logical and syntax mistake in the source code is called error.

Debugging: Step by step execution of the programme to find the root cause of the error.

Why We need software testing?

Testing is helpful to produce Quality and bug-free product. As a tester, it’s our responsibility to find all the positive and negative scenario to test the system before live the application. As a human being, we all make mistakes but some mistakes are expensive.

Types of Software testing

 There are hundreds of types of testing. Those list of testing we will discuss in upcoming tutorials. Mainly we can divide testing into two categories.

Manual testing:

What is manual testing? Software testing without any tool or without the help of other software is called manual testing. Testers verify and validate expected result with actual result manually without any automation tool.

As a manual tester, you do not need knowledge of any tool or programming language. you need to think of all the positive and negative scenario of them as a user.

Manual testing can cover 100% testing of the application but its not possible in automation to cover 100% scenario.

Automation Testing:

 What is automation testing? These days some tool is available to find defects automatic. Like selenium web driver, QTP, Katalon studio. By the help of these tools, testers automate the whole execution of the application and generate a final result report. Automation testing is the better approach as compare to manual testing because it saves lots of time and very uses full in regression testing. As an Automation tester, you should have programming knowledge. Most common open source tool for automation is selenium web driver which supports multiple programming languages like Java, C#, PHP, Python etc. There is more tool available in the market for automation testing. I will cover this in the selenium tutorial.



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